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Best Gynaecologist in Chennai

We care for women’s health at Pavithram Speciality Clinic, Dr. pavithra balaji is the best gynaecologist in Chennai, best clinic at Choolaimedu. We offer a complete variety of gynaecological services with an expert’s advice under the supervision of specialists in gynaecology and obstetrics. Our treatment ranges from – adolescent health, premarital counselling, early pregnancy, sexual health, breast care, hysterectomy, urinary incontinence, and several other gynaecology concerns. That includes – Hysterectomy, Pap smear, and Colposcopy, Endometriosis treatment, Fibroid treatment, Urinary Incontinence treatment, Infection treatment (UTI, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease), Prolapse treatment, Premenstrual syndrome treatment, Contraception, and HPV vaccine, to name a few. With our quality and specialised personal care to our patients who come from Choolaimedu, Nungambakkam and other parts of Chennai, have a satisfied experience on consulting our gynaecologists. We provide modern gynaecological treatment & procedures that are reachable and affordable to all our patients.



Menstrual Health​

A woman’s menstrual health is something that should not be ignored. Their menstrual health not only reflects on their reproductive health but also on their overall well being.

Irregular Periods 

Women are said to have an irregular menstrual cycle in two cases  – one is when their periods occur less than 21 days and the other is when is delays after 35 days.


PCODs could be one of the reasons for irregular periods which occurs due to lifestyle changes. Proper treatment will keep the condition under control.

Affordable Healthcare

Online consultations

If you are not from Chennai, our doctors are very welcoming in listening to your concerns through online consultation mode.

High-Tech Facilities

We leverage equipment with latest technology to detect and identify the issues of the patients by thorough examination and detailed check up.

Urgent Appointments

Our Gynaecologists and Obstetricians understand the state of the patient's condition and suggest a treatment plan that best suits them.

Frequently Asked Questions


While you plan to visit our fertility clinic in Chennai, ensure that you fix your appointments over a call. Make sure to maintain the timings.

We welcome patients who are not from Chennai to take up online consultation from our specialists through virtual meetings. Drop us a message to connect with us.


We take extreme care in keeping our patient’s record safety with us and do not entrust the information of our patients to anyone that requests for it.

We file separate record for our new patients with their history, case record, recommended treatment and medications prescribed by the doctor.


We care for your needs and prioritize your case by keeping in mind your need for the treatment.

Our expert specialists efficiently diagnose the problem by scanning through the history of the patient and quickly frame a treatment plan for the betterment of their health.

Service Procedure

We have range of specialists within our infertility center in Chennai, who are experts in treating patients in their field of expertise. Our specialists are very friendly and only suggest the needed treatments and diagnosis.

We encourage our patients to fix appointments with their respective doctors to be precise with their schedule and the availability of the doctor, to reduce your waiting time.

In need of an expert’s advice?

Consult With
Dr. E. Pavithra Balaji

Dr. E. Pavithra, is a friendly & caring Gynaecologist, who is an infertility specialists with years of experience successfully treating patients with fertilization, ovulation, and obstetrics complaints. The clinic specializes in treating fertility issues in women with PCODs and irregular periods.