High-Quality Fertility Care Centre in Chennai

Patient-Centred Approach

We are a friendly team of highly specialized doctors our infertility center in Choolaimedu. We create a positive environment reducing their stress level during their phase of fertility treatments.

Quality Fertility Service

We have highly the best Obstricians and Gynaecologists in Chennai who have years of experience in IVF, IUI and laparoscopic surgery with high-tech diagnostic facilities.

Affordable and Accessible

Our infertility center is known for delivering babies through normal delivery procedure, giving utmost importance to our patient's values with high-tech diagnostic equipment offering best services

State-of-Art Infertility Center With Specialists

Pavithram Speciality Clinic located in the heart of the bustling City at Choolaimedu provides a wide medical diagnosis and solutions for infertility problems. The fertility clinic has produced high success rates for Normal Vaginal Delivery (NVD) which is an achievement in itself for patients undertaking IVF treatments and IUI procedures at our infertility centre. We have a track record of treating patients with irregular periods through thorough diagnosis, running through necessary tests. We run a  complete check-up to understand the root cause of the issue. Our clinic is very patient friendly and we encourage a relaxing atmosphere in our clinic to reduce the stress-levels of our patients.

Our Specialized Services

Intrauterine insemination (IUI Center)

In-vitro fertilization
(IVF Center)


Infertility Evaluation

Maternity Care

Paediatric Care

Sperm Injection
(IC Center)

Maternal Health

Patient Testimonials

Bear a Child With No Worries!

1 in 8 couples have fertility issues.
We have been a part of several couple’s
journey to a successful pregnancy.